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Alumni Spotlight

Periodically, we will feature our alums, both how they benefitted from their time as a Wildcat and sharing what they are up to now. If you would like to share your story, please forward a brief update and current photo to Southwest Local School District.

Kevin Hansell

Kevin Hansell - CEO

Kevin Hansell is a 1994 graduate of Harrison High School. Kevin Hansell is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, CTS (Cincinnati Test Systems) here in Harrison. CTS is a company that tests whether a product is waterproof.  

Kevin graduated from Harrison High School and went straight to college at Ohio State University. He graduated OSU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and went on to grad school at the University of Cincinnati. Kevin graduated UC with an MBA in Business. Before he graduated High School in 1994, he was in Spanish club, played football, and ran track. Kevin was also part of the National Honor Society. These classes and activities helped get Kevin where he is today. When he graduated college, he worked for companies as a Design Engineer and Design Manager.   

 Kevin’s company now has CTS buildings in many different parts of the world such as; Africa, South America, China, Korea, and Mexico. In the United states they are in Ohio and California. 

Kyle Nowlin

Kyle Nowlin - Minor League Baseball Player


Kyle Nowlin is a graduate from Harrison high school. Currently, Kyle is a minor league baseball player. Kyle Nowlin started playing baseball at the age of 6. His parents asked him if he wanted to give a baseball a try, and he liked it. Kyle has one little sister, Kayla Nowlin. In high school Kyle played football and baseball for Harrison. His favorite class in High school was English. He broke the homerun record at Harrison High school. He was the first freshman to start Varsity in a long time. His favorite bat is an Old Hickory bat. Currently, Kyle plays for the Beloit Snappers, which is an affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. In the 2017 season, Kyle hit 103 homeruns.

When asked, " If you can have any other job, what would it be?", Kyle said, he wouldn't want another job. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys to be outside, hanging out with friends, and just playing with his dog "my dog's my buddy". Kyle attended Eastern Kentucky University for 4 years. Kyle perused a degree in Horticulture, turf grass management. His next step in life is Spring training.


Interviewed by: Kailee Foster, Jocelynn Lacey, Jenna Roa