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Board Meetings

Board meeting are usually held the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. 

The Board regularly rotates its monthly meetings to the six (6) schools in the district after its January organizational meeting.  The summer meetings are held in the Harrison Junior School Cafeteria. Any changes in the place and time of Board meeting are published in the local papers and on this web site.
For a printable version of the meeting schedule, please click the attachment at the bottom of the page.

Southwest Local School District

Board of Education

2017 Meeting Dates


January 10, 2017      Organizational Meeting      Harrison High School               6:00 P.M.


January 10, 2017      Regular Meeting                 Harrison High School               6:30 P.M


February 16, 2017      Regular Meeting               Crosby Elementary                   6:00 P.M.


March 16, 2017          Regular Meeting                Harrison Elementary                6:00 P.M.


March 30, 2017          Special Meeting                  Harrison Junior School            6:00 P.M.


April 20, 2017             Regular Meeting                 Harrison Junior School             6:00 P.M.


April 24, 2017             Special Meeting                  District Office                           7:15 P.M.


May 18, 2017              Regular Meeting                Harrison High School               6:00 P.M.


June 15, 2017              Regular Meeting                Harrison Junior School            6:30 P.M.


July 20, 2017             Regular Meeting                 Harrison Junior School             6:30 P.M.


August 17, 2017         Regular Meeting                Harrison High School               6:30 P.M.


September 21, 2017   Regular Meeting                Harrison Junior School             6:00 P.M


October 19, 2017       Regular Meeting                Miamitown Elementary            6:00 P.M.


November 16, 2017    Regular Meeting               Whitewater Valley Elementary   6:00 P.M


December 21, 2017    Regular Meeting               Harrison Junior School             6:00 P.M 


If you have any questions, please contact Brian Rabe at 513-367-4139 or by email at